Interpreting services

We provide interpreting services in more than 30 languages.
Simultaneous, consecutive, dubbing, court interpreting, interpreting trips, hostesses, telephone interpreting.

What we require from the client:
For interpreting in a specific field we need the client to provide us with information to allow our specialised interpreter to prepare. With each order it is best to give the contact details of a person who can provide information about organising the interpreting session and someone who can be consulted regarding the nature of the job.

Simultaneous interpreting – the interpreter talks at the same time as the person giving the speech. It is most often used at conferences and seminars. It is a very demanding form of interpreting and requires a highly experienced interpreter. We can also supply you with all you need for your seminars, including the room.

Consecutive interpreting – here the speaker talks in short bursts and the interpreter translates them into the foreign language. It is most often used at business meetings and training sessions.

Court interpreting – the interpreter is registered with the appropriate Czech regional court and is certified for this type of interpreting.

Telephone interpreting – in addition to classic interpreting, at which the interpreter is present in person, we also provide the ever more popular form of telephone interpreting.

Interpreting trips – if longer interpreting sessions are needed (or for example if a trip abroad is required) the client must provide the interpreter with proper accommodation and meals for the duration of the trip. The prices for this kind of interpreting service – involving travel around the CR or abroad – are agreed on an individual basis.

Dubbing – working with foreign-language film documents. This begins with modifying – translating the original text. The result is a dialogue scene, a new work of art in the language the film document has been converted to which faithfully reproduces the artistic intentions of the original whilst resolving all the issues arising through the process of dubbing into another language. Great care is taken when choosing the actors – the dubbers. These are usually native speakers who, as well as possessing perfect language skills, also have the requisite abilities for dubbing work.

We provide a whole package of services

  • Translation of film documents
  • Provision of dubbers
  • Hire of recording studio
  • Dubbing

Hostesses – We provide presentable ladies with basic foreign-language skills to assist at a variety of presentations or receptions.