Proofreading of texts

Proofreading of texts

Proofreading is a necessary step to achieving perfection in your writing. Our translation agency offers
professional proofreading services to ensure that your text is error-free and easy to understand. Our
experienced proofreaders carefully check spelling, grammar, punctuation and stylistics to ensure that
your text not only looks good, but also communicates your message correctly. With our
proofreaders, you can be confident that your text will be presentable and professional, which is
crucial for success in today’s competitive environment.

Proofreading by a native speaker

used when it is not just grammar that counts, but also the stylistic accuracy of a translation (phrasing, local idiosyncrasies). The final text will be fully comprehensible for native speakers in the country in question. Essential for localisation.

Pre-print proofreading

proofreading the pre-print version of a text before publication to check typographical layout and correct any typographical errors. Used for texts that are to be published.

Post-editing / proofreading of machine translation

Many companies nowadays already use freely available and professional machine translators, which provide sufficient use within their internal processes. If a company wants publish its translations, it must first have these texts edited and proofread by a professional translator. 

Why is post-editing / proofreading of machine translation necessary?

An unedited machine translation may contain serious flaws such as confusion of meaning, omission of words or parts of text, inconsistent terminology, etc. For this reason, the machine translation should be carefully checked.

The linguistic style of machine translation is very simple and austere. For translations where a creative style is needed (presentation materials, websites, etc.), it is therefore advisable to carefully adapt this machine translation to the intended use.