Translations to and from Hungarian

Orders are always handled by a particular implementation team which, depending on the nature and complexity of the job, consists of:

  • the project manager
  • first-rate translators, specialised by language and field of expertise
  • computer specialists
  • a proofreader
  • a specialist consultant

We take an individual approach to each client. Each company is assigned a team trained in and familiar with the client’s field. All translations from a given client are therefore done in the same style and using the same terminology.

We are able to provide a wide range of translations: from technical translations through certified translations to translations done using CAT.

Interpreting in Hungarian

We can provide you with highly experienced interpreters. All our interpreters have a professional manner and are specialised in their field.

Types of interpreting:

Translators and interpreters:

The choice of the translators and interpreters we work with involves a careful selection process. Translators are then assessed on a running basis and motivated to develop their specialisation and language skills.